Join in our mission to equip every student, from Kindergarten to 6th grade, with the essential school supplies they need to thrive. By selecting and donating items from the list below, you can directly impact a child's learning experience and help foster a brighter future for our community.  

Your generosity ensures that each student has the necessary tools to engage, learn, and succeed throughout the school year. Make a significant difference today by contributing to our school supplies campaign. Thank you!


Recommended Supplies list:

  •     Pencils (#2 and colored) & Pencil Sharpeners
  •     Erasers
  •     Crayons
  •     Markers (washable & dry-erase)
  •     Wide-Ruled Notebooks & Construction Paper
  •     Drawing Paper
  •     Index Cards
  •     Folders with Pockets
  •     Binders (1-inch) & Binder Dividers
  •     Glue (Sticks & Liquid)
  •     Scissors (safety & regular)
  •     Rulers
  •     Paints & Brushes
  •     Backpacks
Price: $88.99

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